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Mike's Blog - Day 247

Not many things in flower the moment but this nice little plant has been going well for a good while now.

Here it is again in close-up.

It’s was a plant we were given by a couple of Friends a few years ago and its gone on to make a decent clump now. They were given it by a friend of theirs who is a keen and experienced gardener, simply as something nice for the edge of a pond, which it certainly is.

The name doesn’t really matter but, upon seeing lots of it at RHS Harlow Carr the other week, I thought I’d be sure to find a label and get a name for it. Every time I saw a clump though, there was no label to be seen. Then I finally spotted a label on one, but soon after another, looking similar but frustrating a different name again!

I’d call this plant a Polygonum, but it has now been changed to Persicaria. The common name remains the same as its always been, which is Bistort. Then I’d be pretty sure that its Persicaria amplexicaulis, “Red Bistort” but a named cultivated selection of it as this plant has a good red colour to it, much stronger than the pure species.

This is where getting a full name for it is difficult. It could be a variety called “Astrosanguinea”, or “Taurus” or “Fat Domino” or “Firetail” – or something else even. I’ll stick with calling it “Geoff and Susan’s red bistort”. It’s nice that, when you walk round your garden, plants often remind you of people, or places you know.