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Mike's Blog - Day 263

Well, winter is here I think.

That cold wet rain for most of the yesterday has certainly made getting on in the garden a bit more difficult now. We had been doing so well as the ground conditions were good. It has been fairly dry recently and we have had some good sunny days.

You’ll see in the meadow we are now clearing the grassy paths but leaving the leaves under the trees where the grass is long. We will grow some wildflower plants that will like that sort of place. Saying that, agrimony has probably made its way there via the sheep.

Other plants that might do well are things that are already growing wild locally, wood avens, red campion, garlic mustard, wild garlic, meadowsweet, wood anemone, celandine, wood sorrel and foxglove etc. We can probably still find a few seeds locally - foxgloves for example - but others such as wild garlic and wood anemone we will have to collect next year now.