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Mike's Blog - Day 264

A bit of over-engineering last week, but we used up some old sleepers we had so it was always going to be a heavy duty affair.

This is the new stile into the Pinetum from the wildflower meadow.

As you can see through the gate there is a thriving young monkey puzzle, one of several in the Pinetum.

Some were donations from people who had them in pots and decided not to plant them in their own gardens, but two are from known wild trees in Chile and Argentina, collected on a Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh expedition.

The first, number 19990738 was collected April 15th 1999 in Chile: Región IX [Araucania]. This is doing well and better than others in other collections in the UK.

The second, number 19990827 was collected April 21st 1999 in Argentina: Provincia de Neuquen. Our tree is doing well but the others that were collected from that tree and grown elsewhere seem to have perished.