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Mike's Blog - Day 267

A bit of heather for you today, just growing in a pot in the Children’s Garden by the BG office.

The light was just catching it the other day when the sun was going down and it caught my eye.

Heathers were very popular at one time. Most garden centres had a good selection of small plants which were sold quite cheaply. They were the answer to a low maintenance garden, free flowering, total ground cover, look good/green/alive all year, just about pest and disease free, tolerate most soils, drought tolerant and great as a nectar source. So popular they probably fell out of fashion as being too common and to make way for more trendy ideas such as pebble mulches, grasses, decking and, over the last few years, the fashion for artificial grass.

It reminded me that the winter flowering ones would be great for the Winter Garden project the Friends are supporting.

Bring back heathers I say.