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Mike's Blog - Day 269

You might have put “t-woo and t-woo” together with yesterday’s message about the owl boxes. In the absence of a big tree in the hedge along the top of the Botanic Garden meadow, we needed to install a post to mount it on. That was why the telegraph pole was being taken down the garden on Day 266.

Here is a birds eye view.

Owls and other birds of prey love an open meadow like this to hunt in so it's important to keep such a habitat and not plant trees everywhere. Of course the open sunny meadow is also full of wildflowers in summer. Nectar and host plants ensure a range of insects too.

I thought I’d reshow the pictures of two such insects from Day 76 (June 1st), the small tortoise butterfly and the chimney sweep moth.

I can’t imagine the bright sun of summer and lush green growth when the days are so dull and short and most things look dead.