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Mike's Blog - Day 272

Moss today, the bane of our lawns and of no particular interest in gardens. Yet it’s often very much part of the landscape and we enjoy the ferns and mossy ravines we find in nature. It grows in our block paving.

I thought it was looking great but the lads decided not and pressure washed it all out when I was on holiday. A picture of it on the monkey puzzle “foot” too, but we probably hardly notice it.

In Japan its very much different, so a few pics from there for you today from my 2008 trip. In Kyoto they have many moss gardens where they tend the moss and revere it.

It’s all done intensively by hand, even weeding out certain moss species from the moss species they want to cultivate. These weed species translate as “moss the interrupter”, can you imagine weeding these from other moss plants?

These moss gardens are immaculate. I think my lot would just get the hoe out and blast all the fallen leaves off with a leaf blower and never imagine using a small hand rake made from bamboo twigs and a chop stick.

I’d don’t think we will ever have a moss garden, but they are very beautiful.