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Mike's Blog - Day 273

We often see these lesions where sap oozes from the trunks on the old cherry trees.

It’s a sign the tree is under some sort of stress, either from a physical wound or damage from pests. I think in this case it’s probably just old age. This tree resin is very common in conifers too. Small insects can get stuck in it and end up being preserved inside. The resin can then become fossilised and gives us “Amber” containing these insects from millions of years ago.

The “Amber Room” in the Catherine Palace near St Petersburg looks like it might be worth a visit, easily done virtually by a Google search these days.

I see it’s a replica, the original “disappearing” in the Second World War. I also read the Polish divers discovered the sunken Karlsruhe steamer in October, which contains German military vehicles, porcelain and many crates with “contents still unknown”. Could these contain some of these original amber panels I wonder?

You’ll see the start of a line of poetry on the bird box. That was quite a clever idea as the poetry contained the name of the tree, but hidden. I’ll see if I can find the original works on those.