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Mike's Blog - Day 274

Back in June I had a ride on my bike out to Hamsterly to see a special plant in flower. More on that later.

On the way, I popped in to see the artist Graeme Hopper at his workshop where he works wonders with steel and iron. It was to see where he had got to with the Friends project to make a new barrier across the ponds.  This is a project the Friends are funding and we wanted something to improve safety and, of course, look good.

Previously we had some large pieces of bamboo to act as a barrier. These looked good but had a limited lifespan and were well rotten this spring.

Graeme was inspired by “Skunk Cabbage”, a plant that has not appeared in the blog yet, but a genus of plants we have had many times as it’s an arum.

I have included one of the pics from Day 58 - Wild Arum - but we have also had Titan Arum on Day 50 and the smelly Dragon Arum on Day 77.

Work was coming on well in June and Graeme came to the garden last Friday to try the barrier in place. Now its rusting up its looking great and fits in so well with the rest of the autumn colours down there.

A robin liked it and straight away landed on the barrier.

The main idea was that the barrier would follow the natural curves of the path and by using metal rods, just as you would weave willow stems, we could create something “organic” but strong enough to withstand children and the weather.