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Mike's Blog - Day 276

The mystery new plant, which we have now bought and will plant in front of the Visitor Centre was a ‘Californian Bush Anemone’, Carpenteria californica.

Three people got it, including my colleague Peter – however he had seen the name written in the diary for today!

The other day (273) I mentioned the bird box with writing on it and that it was a line of poetry with the name of the tree hidden in it. Here is one of the other boxes in the garden. See if you can spot the name of the tree.

It’s quite an easy one. There was a series of them around the garden but it was that long ago I can’t find the list, and many of the boxes have come down now. The project was called “Home to a King”, and that title holds the name of a tree in it too….easy when you spot it.

Whilst checking on the new arrival of the Carpenteria, I was pleasantly surprised to find the polytunnel was full of the strong scent of another new plant we bought in the spring, the aptly named Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’.

This was a batch of plants Alex, Dave and I selected on a very wet and windy day at Eggleston Hall nursery for the winter garden. Seems it was a good choice and I’m glad we got three. It’s a hybrid raised by Mark Jury in New Zealand and has been winning awards there and in Australia for a few years now.

I thought it was maybe flowering a bit early as it was under the protection of the tunnel, but apparently this new hybrid can flower up to eight weeks before other winter flowering daphnes.

We had Daphne x bholua ‘Jacqueline Postil’ on Day 4 of the blog, but just a picture of it. That was back in March, so between these two hybrid daphnes, we might have flowers for four months.