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Mike's Blog - Day 281

Something a bit different today. Down in the wildflower meadow on the right hand side as you go up to the Pinetum (where we put the new stile in) there is an old dump, probably used by the family (servants) who lived in Hollingside House many years ago. Over the years we have found clay pipes, bits of crockery and often bottles.

This year we came across this little bottle, about 4” tall. We normally just put them back, but this one intrigued me.

What really caught my attention was what was on the back…

Given it has a sheared top, that dates it to around 1891-1900, so it has probably been laid in the ground there for a hundred years or more.


It can’t have held much fruit juice, half a tea cup perhaps. It was some sort of concentrate. I’ve seen these shear top bottles before. I presume you would have had some sort of tool to open them, but then surely there would be an issue if tiny fragments of glass contaminating the contents.

Must have a proper dig down there one day!