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Mike's Blog - Day 286

The iconic bird of Christmas for you today, a Robin.

This one was caught in a recent bird ringing trap down at the bird hide.

Apparently Robins were always known as “Red Breasts”, a name used way back in medieval times. It’s thought that the “Robin” part was added sometime in the 15th- 16th century as a nick name for this friendly little bird, “Robin Red Breast”. They certainly are friendly and often when we are digging they are close by and nip in to pick out any worms we have unearthed.

Over time, the name just got shortened simply to Robin, but I’m sure the name Robin Red Breast will be familiar to you.

Jenny Wren? Billy Badger?

When Stuart who has been doing the ringing sent me the picture of this little Robin he did not say if it was a male or female, something he had been doing with other pictures he had been sending. In my ignorance I hadn’t realised that male and female Robins are identical. I presumed there was a subtle difference that the trained eye could spot.

Thank you for the picture Stuart.