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Mike's Blog - Day 287

I was trying to think what else do we have that has a Christmas link, then I remembered the specimen we have in the cabinet in the greenhouse, a coconut crab shell.

I was told this was collected back in the 60s or 70s by David Bellamy on Christmas Island. It’s very much faded now as it's exposed to sunlight.

They are the biggest land crabs in the world and only spend time in the ocean as juveniles. They can climb trees to escape danger and hunt for food. They have a great sense of smell and scavenge for food too, dragging it away, giving rise to the other common name for these huge crabs, “robber crabs".

Link here to a family on a camping trip on Christmas Island and the crabs had sniffed out their BBQ…


Pip and I spotted a nice Amazonian Lily, Eucharis amazonica, in flower down by the cabinet where the coconut crab is normally kept.

At first glance it looks very much like a white daffodil, but along the edge of its trumpet there are the male reproductive anthers, which is quite weird.