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Mike's Blog - Day 288

I thought I had run out of a Christmas themed blog, then staring me in the face was a pot full of Schlumbergera. It looks drab most of the year and the sort of plant you might think to throw out, but at this time of the year it comes into its own. Because it flowers around now, it has gained the name Christmas cactus.

It is in the cactus family, but does not come from a desert. In the wilds these grow in warm jungles attached to the sides of trees. So unlike a desert cactus plant, these like a bit of shade and don’t like full sun. They like a bit of humidity too and we spray the gravel in the bed daily, you might notice the stags horn fern (Day 106) up above, another plant that grows on trees and likes humidity.

The garden paths were treacherous today. The wet slushy snow from yesterday has frozen into a 1” thick sheet ice. Certainly very wintry with bright sun casting long winter shadows.

I noticed a paw print in the snow, but coming under a fence and cutting across the path into the winter garden.

I think it’s a fox print as the two top pads are far enough forward that you could draw an imaginary line under them, whereas with dog prints the pads are closer to the side pads and you can’t draw a line.

I stand to be corrected however.