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Mike's Blog - Day 290

“Happy New Year”…

The cactus house today.

I just can’t separate these two plants so the luxury of two plants today when finding even one plant at the moment is a challenge. Both are white flowered, hence the “alb” part of the name, the endings are different as it has to agree with however the genus ends.

Aloe albiflora, and Haementhus albiflos.

So firstly the aloe, probably a genus you have heard of as it’s the gloopy gel inside aloe vera leaf which is so well known. We also has Aloe sinkatana with its yellow flowers on Day 124.

This has a lovely delicate spike of very pretty hanging bell-shaped flowers. It's indigenous to Madagascar and is a member of the lily family.

The haemanthus is a weird looking thing. It seems to totally lack any petals to attract pollinators. Maybe it doesn’t need to with that display of reproductive parts.

It’s from South Africa and in the same family as the amaryllis or hippeastrum you often see for sale at this time of year in supermarkets. Its common name makes sense, the paint brush or sometimes shaving brush plant.