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Mike's Blog - Day 292

Very wet round the garden this morning. The snow has gone but frozen icy ground is not letting the water seep through easily after the heavy sleet and rain last night. Nonetheless, the aptly named Rhododenron dauricum ‘Midwinter’ is in full bloom in the winter garden.

I was glad I had my wellies on as I had to stand in an icy pool of water to take this picture as the whole winter garden is standing in water and ice. Equally happy, in the wet ditch next to the woodland garden is the swamp cypress, Taxodium distichum from the southern USA.

Just a young tree but eventually it will develop “knees”, roots that stick up out of the water to help it breathe.

I got half way down to the sheep and remembered I needed more sheep nuts for them today. So I headed back a slightly different way to get a bag. Passing by the Gunneraand up the steps there, I passed the small hedge of Photinia ‘Red Robin’ (Day 134).

To my horror I saw that the rabbits had badly gnawed at its stems at the base.

So the first job when we all get back tomorrow is to get some rabbit guards on there.