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Mike's Blog - Day 293

The old Stangeria has blessed us with a flower in the greenhouse. This might be the first time its flowered since it was sown in 1968.

Here it is again in close-up.

The plant made it to the blog on Day 160 so more about it there, but it’s an ancient plant type. Hard to tell yet if it’s a male or a female flower. Not a very showy flower but that far back in time there were no insects to attract. Pollen just blew around in the wind on the off chance it landed in the right place.

Pollen is quite resilient and the study of fossilized pollen is a good way to tell us which plants were growing thousands and even millions of years ago. The types of plants that once grew tell us about what the climate must have been like then, so it’s a real window into the past.

First job of the year sorted. After hunting in the various sheds and discovering we had no rabbit guards, Houghall Farm kindly obliged and the Photinia is now rabbit proof.

Let’s see where they go nibbling next.