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Mike's Blog - Day 295

The ice has all gone now, but more snow, wet stuff and melting again. It can’t seem to make its mind up. One moment you think winter has arrived then the sun comes out. The sun was on the Choisya outside the visitor center at lunchtime and it was steaming as the snow dripped from the fir tree above.

I mentioned yesterday I had ordered some more red leaved castor oil seeds yesterday. The pods we collected from our own red leaved castor oil plant dried out well and split beautifully.

There was a good crop of beans inside, almost enough for the 2021 season, all for free. It’s like magic.

There would have been more but we kept deadheading as the seeds are so poisonous. They are very decorative seeds, but easy to mistake with the borletti bean seeds from Day 209.

Hopefully we won’t get the two mixed up and make a poisonous casserole…