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Mike's Blog - 7th July 2021

The Day the Soundman Came

Hello all. It's been a while since I sent a blog as it has been really busy. I have had school trips in most days and all, including myself, have had a great time. A huge contrast to this time last year when we were still fully closed.

You might remember on Day 103 a new bamboo shoot appeared in the tropical house, to be chopped off later off on Day 150 when it reached the roof. Well today it had its moment of fame.

Chris Watson visited today. You might have heard his sound recording before as Chris gave us the rainforest soundtrack for the tropical house. The friends of the garden purchased the speakers and kit needed to play it, that was over seven years ago as Chris remembered the day well as he had to dash away as he was about to become a grandad.

Anyway, Chris came to do some sound recordings using small contact microphones and submersible microphones. He was able to list to the water movement in one of the Canna stems as it transpired and the sound of the wind blowing the bamboo leaves traveling down the stem, quite amazing. He is back tomorrow to have a listen to the ponds down the garden.

He’s doing this as part of the making of a new Sir David Attenborough series called The Green Planet which will go out later this year. I gave an interview as Chris is also involved in “the making of The Green Planet” which will go out on the BBC World Service to about 16 million people!

Chris has offered to come and do a talk to the Friends and give them the opportunity to listen to some of the work he has done and see some of the places he has been. When we stood and looked at the world map in the greenhouse I don’t think there are many places he has not visited.

You can visit Chris Watson's website by clicking here: https://chriswatson.net/