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Mike's Blog - Day 36

Water hyacinth in the greenhouse “Victoria” pond.

These don’t flower very often, some years not at all. Quite a pretty thing but in the wild it’s a plant that’s a big problem and can block waterways.

They are able to float because the big fat stems are full of air. The other plant abundant in the pool is water lettuce, it has hairs on the underside of its leaf which trap air so they can float.

These “adaptations” help them survive and many plants have some sort of adaptation. There is an interesting FREE lesson on some of these other adaptations in plants by the folks at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Fiona (see section with video on plant mimicry) is one of the people who gives us the waterlilies each year.

Give it a try? (30-40 mins), no need to register, this a free one so just go on as a guest, scroll down and join Marley which is I presume their resident cat, I’ll find out…