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Mike's Blog - Day 37

Off to California today, the Californian poppies are flowering in the cactus house.

These look nothing like cacti but are adapted to survive dry places none the less. They germinate and grow quickly when the ground is wet after rain, have really bright flowers to attract insects for pollination and set seed before they dry up from drought and heat. The plants die, but their seeds survive in the ground until the next wet season. It works quite well I think, 1 seed = 1 plant = say 30 flowers = approx. 20 seeds per seed pod = 600 seeds from 1 seed in 2 months?

These are prolific in parts of California, but easy to buy as seeds to grow in your own garden, with lots of hybrid colour variants available too.

Here is a link to the Antelope Valley California Poppy state natural reserve in the USA:


Impossible scientific name, I’ll leave you to google that, Californian poppies is much easier. Why not try growing some?