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Mike's Blog - Day 39

Finally, I’d say the cherry circle is perfect and on a perfect day (25th April 2020).

I don’t think the picture does it justice unfortunately but I’ve tried a few shots to give you a feel for it.

You need to add the sun on your face, a warm breeze, fresh sweet air, happy chirpy bird song and no noise from south road traffic.

The diamond shaped path was inspired by a path I had seen in one of the most famous Zen gardens in the world, Saiho-hi in Kyoto.

Our path is made up of 5 stones wide, the same as the number of petals on a cherry flower. The garden in Japan was not Zen like in the least, for me anyway. A Zen garden you would expect to be very calm. This was not (the 70 coaches in the car park should have been a clue). It’s was not only packed with people but outdoor speakers were giving constant commentary of the 14th century garden (or asking people to keep moving maybe).

The whole idea of this garden is you sit (quietly) and contemplate the view, the form of the stones, the lines of the gravel, the space between. After many hours and sitting in different places you realise that no matter where you sit you can’t see all the stones, one will always be hidden from view. Of course, like me after reading the guide book, you now know this so you will never get that realization “Zen” moment yourself either, which is the whole point…