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Mike's Blog - Day 40

Bluebell woods:

Blue, bell shaped flowers, growing in woods, not a lot more I can ramble on about here.

Once again the woods next to the garden are outshining our efforts in the garden. They are perfect at the moment, so if you can get to see them you are in for a treat.

I’ve not been this year, but in the past I’ve been down to the site of old Houghall pit cottages, you can see the foundations of where these buildings where. In some of the small back gardens you would see some white bluebells, and sometimes pink ones. I’m sure these are native one as they were very delicate and had narrow leaves, not like the much wider leaved Spanish one which has much sturdier flowers too.

If anyone gets a chance to explore there we might get a few pics to see if they are still there, but I think the woods there had a lot of conifer in them and becoming too dark for any of them to survive.

If we get rain (none since the start of these daily emails I don’t think?) and it warms up and the leaves on the trees cause more shade they will soon got over, but they will be good for a few weeks yet I think.

Bluebells seem to cope without rain no problem, even growing so close. I think is that sticky juice that they seem to contain, it must somehow help them retain and share out water.

I think I read that the Elizabethans used this sticky gummy stuff to stiffen their ruffs, and it was once used as a glue to stick feathers to arrows.