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Mike's Blog - Day 41

Lovely Gentian in the Alpine garden for you today.

That rain was welcome last night.

I mentioned the Houghall bluebells in the old miners houses yesterday. I was delighted to receive an email from some Friends this morning who took the trouble to take a few pictures for us this morning on their walk. You can see quite a few colour variants, but they do look like they have some sort of hybridization in them so they are not pure English bluebells unfortunately, but very nice none the less.

Seeing as though we are picking up on a previous day, I’ve attached a few more to look back on and re-visit.

Day 2 was the arrival of the baby waterlily, its doing very well and is now planted in the pond properly (no picture for you of me in my swimming trunks you’ll be pleased to hear.)

Day 7 was the bedding planted up, we just managed that before we went onto “1 person per day” working. It’s now needing potted up.

Day 27 was the tulips outside the greenhouse. These mixed tulips give a long display as they are not only mixed in colour but time of flowering. Reds come early, as they go over white come then orange and yellow, it almost looks like a different bed.

Day 35 was a show of the Gunnera, just starting to flower. Flower is fully out now but its leaves took a hit with the frost.