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Mike's Blog - Day 43

The terracotta warrior in the bamboo grove.

We planted the bamboos about 20 years ago, bamboo was becoming very popular and was only available from specialist growers. We persuaded the oriental museum to donate the warrior to us as when they took delivery his legs were broken. We fixed him up with a metal rod and some cement.

The Oriental museum has been around a little longer than the Botanic Garden, its celebrating its 60th year this year, it’s our 50th – Edinburgh’s 350th!

Their education team there look after all of the younger school trips that visit the Botanic Garden and they put on lots of events in the garden too. We have always had a close relationship with them, many years ago (30 maybe) we even had a celebratory plate of all things!, there is even one on eBay at the moment…

It a gem of a museum and less than a mile from the garden, well worth a visit, when you can of course, but in the meantime museums are still very “accessible”:

They have created some really good online activity webpages, for all ages, that’s going live tomorrow but you can have a sneaky preview:


It’s being launched as part of the BBC’s “Museums for Home” tomorrow. It will be quite good I think.

“Unique tours, live insight and interviews bring museum collections to you at home, with access to exhibitions and objects that are currently beyond reach.”


I’ll send you something tomorrow from our little “Cabinet of curiosities” in the greenhouse.