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Mike's Blog - Day 49

This old 1932 plough sits at the bottom of the cornfield annual border.

It is based on a design for a horse plough but there are no handles for the ploughman the walk behind the plough as this would have been pulled by a tractor. As tractor design and tractor horse power increased, it was possible to pull plough with more than one furrow. This meant small fields were awkward and soon hedgerows were being ripped out to increase field size. Hedges where also a place where pests and disease could over winter. Chemicals where being used to eradicate all of the weeds that grew in the corn, the poppies, corn chamomile, corn cockle and so on.

Of course with hindsight this was fantastic biodiversity and we now see fields with edges left for these “weeds” to grow and hedges replanted with government grants.

At its wheel we have a lovely patch of forget-me-not.