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Mike's Blog - Day 51

Bloodroot! Sanguinaria canadensis. This is a nice little plant for a cool moist shady spot and has been growing in the woodland garden for many years but has never spread much. It grows in North America and I think you’ll guess where else by its name.

It has the purest white flowers and usually you only see it for sale in specialist nurseries as the double flowered form. This of course means it won’t produce seed which will be one of the reasons it hasn’t spread much in 30 years. Apparently the single flowered natural form sheds its petals a day or so after pollination, hence why the doubled flowered form is preferred by gardeners as the flowers last weeks.

Its roots are blood red, hence the name, but it doesn’t seem to have many herbal uses, in fact toxic, but then many medical plants are.

I discovered it’s been used as “medical quackery”, a new term to me. This is where people claim it has wonderful benefits, a cure everything wonder plant, a fake doctor in effect, i.e. “Quacks”.