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Mike's Blog - Day 53

Firstly something to add to yesterday’s story about Frederick J. Roberts. His brother was also killed in the war and his father died soon after, perhaps of a broken heart. Apparently there is a stained glass window in the local Church of St Oswalds:


Today’s picture is of the Katsura tree in the Oriental collection, Cercidiphyllum japonicum.

It’s a small delicate tree and at this time of the year its leaves are particularly fine.

Its main claim to fame is this is also sometimes known as “the toffee tree”, or “candy floss tree” as when its leaves turn yellow and golden brown in the Autumn if you catch it right on a warm day the air is filled with sweet scent, it’s one of the Autumn smells we look forward to.

It’s prized for its fine wood, especially to make boards for a board game I have never heard of, the game of “Go”. This game has been played for thousands of years and has millions of players. Its sounds an interesting game. It might be worth looking into as a good pass time at the moment!

Go on, have a go!