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Mike's Blog - Day 54

“Shooting stars”. I had a bit of trouble trying to focus on these delicate flowers in the woodland garden today, the camera phone not so good with macro.

These are of the genus Dodecatheon, and the one with the long narrow leaves is probably Dodecatheon meadia or D.hendersonii.

The other with the darker round leaves we have grown for years, it seeds around and looks after itself but I could only find a few today so we might need to rescue it or we might lose it. We have never been sure of its name, but I’ll try and find out.

They have a ridiculous number of common names, American cowslip, common American cowslip, compass plant, gentlemen and ladies, Indian chief, Johnny jump, lambs' noses, Mead's Dodecatheon, prairie cyclamen, prairie pointer, sailor caps, mad violets and pride of Ohio! - that would be some plant label to make!

Apparently pollinated by bees which hold onto the petals and buzz their wings to vibrate the flower to release the pollen, “buzz pollination”. I’ve not seen that, perhaps its only in it native land with a particular bee species, or I’m just not observant enough.

Finally a shot of the coffee shop foyer.

At last I can walk past here and not jump out of my skin as I catch this bloke out the corner of my eye, he’s caught me out a few times but I say good morning now.