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Mike's Blog - Day 56

A nice shrub from the woodlands of Central and Western China, Rosie Dipetela, Dipelta floribunda.

I was puzzled by its latin name, floribunda is pretty obvious, “abundant flowers” but I wondered why the Dipelta.

On closer inspection it does have a small pair of leaves just before the flower bud, and they are “peltate” – if you remember day 42, which was Peltiphyllum, as it too has these rounded leaves with a central stem, I guess that’s where it gets it from. They might even be some sort of bract and colour up later, so I’ll keep an eye on them.

Not a very well known plant but very easy, closely related to the more commonly grown Weigela that many of you might know.

The main picture also shows a typical Botanic Garden label. We engrave these ourselves on a very old machine that the Friends paid quite a lot of money for back in 1988. I think you would be interested to see it in action, I’ll try my hand at a YouTube video!