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Mike's Blog - Day 58

I was out for a walk last night and came across one of those wild Arum flowers I referred to in day 50 (the Giant Titan Arum from Sumatra); I think my dog was more interested in the pheasant she had her eye on however.

In the Tropical House we also have another member of this family in flower, Adanson’s Monstera, Monstera adansonii, the flowers are about the size of a dinner plate.

It’s a tropical climber and has a much bigger “sister”, Monstera deliciosa. As the name suggests this one is delicious. Ours is not quite ripe yet, they take ages, but they certainly are very nice and something I look forward to trying, a bit like a pineapple taste but soft like a pear.

Ours is a monster, grown in house their growth is often restricted by a pot, lack of water, low light and low humidity. Free to roam in the tropical house and they show their true potential, the leaves become huge and they grab onto the greenhouse frame work and have to be chopped back now and then.