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Mike's Blog - Day 62

Weeds and Wildflowers.

This lovely old Hawthorn/May blossom is in flower in the wildflower meadow.

These are one of my favourite trees and mark the return of much hotter weather. The blue flower in the foreground turned out to be a Spanish Bluebell, so this “weed” is now pulled out.

The Hawthorn in close-up.

Weeds are getting a hold under the benches outside the greenhouse, and would normally have been pulled out by now.

I was pleased to see however that one of these weeds was a plant we grew about 20 years ago and I’ve not seen it since, so I’ll have to make sure no one pulls it out so we can get seeds. It’s a little annual Slipper flower from Peru Calceolaria chelidonioides.

This dandelion seed head was taken early one morning by my brother-in-law, it makes you think about the beauty of weeds sometimes.

These thistles on the terrace are certainly what we would think of as weeds and I took great pleasure in forking them out from between all the wildflowers (just different weeds!) there before putting handfuls of Pot marigold seed onto the dry soil and giving it a good soak with the oscillator. If left, the thistles would have attracted butterflies and goldfinches later in the year, perhaps I should have left them.