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Mike's Blog - Day 63

This is Primula pulverulenta in the woodland garden and by the ponds in front of the gazebo.

The common name for this Chinese native is the “mealy Primrose” as its stems are covered in silver mealy flour like dust (farina), which makes them quite attractive. Quite a few Primula species have farina, I wonder if it’s to deter pests.

Its name comes from the Latin “pulvis” – dust, and of course to “pulverise” is to reduce to powder or dust…see you knew that already.

It’s also generally known as one of the “Candelabra” primulas due to the way the flowers are in whorls on the flower spike. It’s one of the first candelabras to flower and gets up to 1 meter tall.

Very easy in a moist spot in deep rich soil. I have a number of spare plants that would have been going into the upcoming Friends plant sale, I’ll hang on to them and we might be able to arrange something in a few more weeks.