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Mike's Blog - Day 69

The wind has left the garden bone dry*. The primulas in the woodland garden were starting to flag** a bit so I hunted out our sprinkler and set it away.

We rarely need to use the sprinkler and had a job finding the tap as it was overgrown.

Another nice Rhody in flower there, Rhododendron wiltonii. Very attractive leaves too with cinnamon indumentum*** on the underside.

And here in close-up.

Q* bone dry - where does this term come from and what’s the link with bone?

Q** flagging a bit - another term, perhaps because flags are often limp and droopy? Flag stones on pavements though, is a standard flag 2ft by 3ft, as that’s a classic size for a flag stone?

Q*** indumentum, it’s the term for soft furry surfaces you get on some plants, typically some Rhody’s, usually the underside. Might be something to help with frost protection or to deter predation.