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Mike's Blog - Day 71

Another old photo* today, the start and half way point of the steps in the winter garden being built in 1983.

Here are the same steps today.

They were built by a Welshman, William G Davies, aka “Taffy Bill” . It was my first job in the Botanic Garden, giving him a hand. If you know where to look, you can find his name that was scratched into the wet cement.

What he built was never intended to be anything particular, but when we made the map in the early 90’s it was one of the areas that needed a name. There were quite a few maturing evergreens in the area, and it is a sheltered spot, so we decided to make it into a Winter garden, that gave us more scope too to plant a wider range of plants.

A walk up the steps now and you’ll find Bergenia in flower, and as you can see by its flowers, it’s in the same family as the Saxifrage (day 5) and the Peltiphyllum (day 42).

And here in close-up.

Bergenia are good for evergreen ground cover. Their dead leaves can be collected in winter and a tea made from them, popular in Russia I believe.

*these were taken with my 126 instamatic camera (see pic below from internet).

Anyone remember these? Very poor quality. To think I’m taking all the photos today with my phone, and I don’t need to wait to get them developed. No flash cubes needed either.