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Mike's Blog - Day 88

1988 saw the opening of the visitor centre. I think on Day 12 I sent some pics of the foundations being laid. Attached is a picture before it was built.

The visitor centre got built where the dolomite rock garden/weather station is at the top of the picture. The small orange building is still there. That’s the Botanic Garden office in the children’s garden. The prince bishops garden was built in 1991 on the herbaceous border to the left of the greenhouse. I’ve also attached a view of the herbaceous border looking from the visitor centre towards the lawn where the millennium bug sits.

I tried to take a pic of the same view today but not such a nice day to take pictures this morning. So dark the outside security lights came on.

All this rain and the greenhouse is flooded this morning too.

However, the Madagascar palm Pachypodium lamerei is in flower.