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Mike's Blog - Day 96

Another Primula in the woodland garden for you today, Primula vialii, quite an unusual looking thing.

Its buds flower on a spike and are brick red then open pink, giving rise to one of its common names, the Red Hot Poker primula.

It’s also known as Chinese Pagoda Primrose, the Orchid Primrose and of course Vial’s primrose, I presume after the person who found/named it, Paul Vial, but there seems very little info on him, other than he was born 1855 and died 1915.

In the wild it grows in the high valleys in wet meadows or by water in southern China.

It’s an easy one to grow but it only lasts a few years, you need to harvest seed and sow it carefully to raise new plants.

Primula florindae (Day 94) is the opposite, it self-seeds around and even grows on the gravel paths in the woodland garden.