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Members' Photo Gallery

We want this website to be a place for all our members. To this end, we have set up a Members' Photo Gallery. To give some structure to this, we have decided to split the gallery into the four seasons. Please send us your favourite photos taken in the current season. The photos can be taken in the Botanic Garden, your garden, or elsewhere. You can also add a short descriptive caption or let me know what caption you would like added.

So here is your chance to be David Bailey (not that gardens were his thing, I think) and email them to me at membershipsecfog@gmail.com.

Winter 2023/2024

Three photos taken by Ruth.
"…in the bleak mid-winter" Two photos by Fred.

Autumn 2023

"Not strictly a gardening pic but thought you might like to see this waxwing.  Having just arrived from Northern Europe it’s feasting on the berries of our Rowen (Joseph Rock)." Photo by John.
"Some photos from this afternoon. The garden looks tremendous, but blink and it will be all change. See it while you can." Five photos by Fred.
"3 photos from my garden." Photos by Dave.
Photo by Anne.
"Just a photo of a Red Admiral butterfly on my China Aster today. I counted nineteen on one plant. The air was full of them." Photo and caption by Keith.

Summer 2023

Two photos of the Friends’ new Patron, the renowned foreign policy expert Dr Fiona Hill, who has now been installed in a ceremony at Durham Cathedral as Durham University’s 13th Chancellor. Photos courtesy of Durham University. Caption by Lynne.

"Here are a few photos of the children of Gilesgate Primary School working hard, measuring and planting. They are taking part in our latest Sunflower Competition and whilst the sunflowers aren’t in bloom yet...the judging will be held in September…the enthusiasm and commitment is already there and is lovely to see. The worm looks happy too! Five photos courtesy of Gilesgate Primary School." Caption by Lynne.

"This is such a lovely, peaceful Botanic Garden….. small but very enjoyable." Four photos taken by Lynne in Brera Botanical Garden, Milan.

Spring 2023

Four photos by Rhonda.

"Prunus subhirtella autumnalis This tree has been flowering on and off since February and looks lovely against the blue sky." Photo by Anne.

"Students being creative (with permission). And others…" Six photos by Fred.

Three photos by Dave.

Four photos by Sanghamitra.

"The gardens look beautiful with the spring new growth." Photo by Peter.

"Aconites welcoming Spring." Photo by Anne.