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Members' Photo Gallery

We want this website to be a place for everyone. To this end, we thought we would take forward the Members' Blogs idea of posting photos from Friends and have a Members' Photo Gallery. To give a little bit of structure to this, we have decided to split the gallery into seasons.

Please send us your favourite photo that you have taken in the Botanic Garden, your garden, or elsewhere during this winter. You can add a short descriptive caption or let me know what caption you would like added. Also, let me know if you would like your name attached to the photo.

So here is your chance to be David Bailey (not that I think gardens were his thing) and email them to me at membershipsecfog@gmail.com.

Spring 2022

"Just a few pics from the Bluebell woods on the Botanic Garden walk,and beyond!" Both photos by Jill.
"Two of the many visitors enjoying the garden" and a photo from the Easter Chick Hunt. Both photos by Fred.
Three photos taken by Anne in Pembrokeshire.
"The last snowdrop to flower of my snowdrop collection, a late form of Galanthus ikariae ssp. ikariae. It normally flowers in April but the late March warm weather seems to have brought it forward by two weeks." Photo by Mike H.
"I saw ‘Snowbaby’ at the gardens last Spring and decided to buy some bulbs for my garden. I’m so glad that I did!" Photo by Christine.
"Two photos from today. The first one on a short walk after my COVID. The second one, my neighbour's beautiful heather garden...today!" Photos by Jill.
"Plenty still to come in this bulb ‘lasagne’." Photo by Christine.
Two photos taken in the Botanic Garden by Sanghamitra.
Spring photo by Dave.
Photo taken in the Botanic Garden by Robin.

Winter 2021-2

"…On the road to the garden; there’s a crock of gold there somewhere." Photos by Fred.
"Signs of new life in the gardens." Photos by Paul.
Frost on Japanese anemones. Photo by Jean.
"Stormy day! I visited Sunderland Bridge instead of the gardens." Photos by Paul.
"Galanthus elwesii var. elwesii. Distinguished from Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus which has a single green mark at the apex of each perianth segment." Photo by Mike H.
"Not what you were expecting; but it is winter. Possibly too gory for some." Photos by Fred.
Winter skies. Photos by Doug.
Gale damage in the Botanic Garden. Photos by Peter.
"With permission of the picnickers of course…" Photo by Fred.
“In the bleak midwinter”. Photo by Fred.

"I’m in the Botanic Garden now on this beautiful morning. It’s my first visit since Mike died and I expect to see his smiling face and hear his happy voice. He will be such a huge miss. To me, he is the Garden. I know that you will miss him too, as he was a dear friend of yours."

"Mike has left a fantastic legacy as my walk showed me today. Here are three of my photos."

Thoughts and photos by Elizabeth H.
"A crisp and clear winter's morning on the golf course." Photo by Dave.

Autumn 2021

The riverbank looking towards Pelaw Wood. Photo by Doug.
“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” (William Cullen Bryant). Photo by Fred.
Autumn Highlights. Photo by Isabell.
Photo taken by Elizabeth H on one of her very enjoyable visits to the Botanic Garden.
"Greenwich Park with RSS Sir David Attenborough in the distance." Photo by Lynne.
"Amanita muscaria, the Fly Agaric, Brantwood, Coniston, Lake District." Photo by Alex.
"Autumn colour just appearing in South Lakeland last week." Photo by Anne.
"Bishop Auckland Deer Park last October." Photo by Margaret.
"Two elderly gentlemen discussing the latest position with regard to gas prices and where to get some petrol." Photo by Dave.