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  • 15th January at 7.30pm: 'History and Renewal of Old Durham Gardens' - a talk by Martin Roberts in the Visitor Centre.

  • 19th February at 7.30pm: 'Birkheads: a Growing Obsession' - a talk by Christine Liddle from Birkhead Gardens in the Visitor Centre.

  • 13th May: Bluebell Walk with Mike Hughes.

  • 20th May at 7.30pm: '30 Days Wild' - a talk by Steve Ashton of Tees Valley Wildlife Trust in the Visitor Centre.

  • 25th May (Spring Bank Holiday): Plant sale in the Garden (NB Helpers much appreciated).

  • Late June/ Early July: Himalayan Balsam Pulling Event in the Garden (All pullers will be welcome).

  • 15th July: Open Garden Evening including Music to celebrate the Garden's 50th Anniversary.

  • 20th August: Day trip to Abbotsford (home of Sir Walter Scott) and Melrose.

  • 6th September: Orchid show at Josephine Butler College.

  • 16th September at 7.30pm: Restoration of Mount Grace Gardens' - a talk by James Taylor, Head Gardener, Mount Grace Priory in the Visitor Centre.

  • 13th October at 7.30pm: Joint Talk with Houghall Horticultural Society.

  • 28th October: Friends Tulip Planting Event (Friends will be able to come along on other dates. Contact Mike Hughes).

  • 18th November: Review of the Year ("AGM").

  • TBA in December: Friends Christmas Lunch.