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Volunteers' Blog - November & December 2021

We have almost reached the end of another year. As Volunteers we appreciated being able to get back into the Garden after the lockdowns. The chance to meet up with friends and enjoy being out in the fresh air whilst lending support to Mike and his team.

Several Friends have joined the Volunteers over the past couple of months, enthusiastically participating with both outside and inside jobs. It has been lovely to welcome these new faces to the team.

The Volunteers have continued to clean seeds in preparation for packaging in the new year. We, temporarily, had to shift our operation to the Visitor Centre whilst the greenhouses’ heating system was renewed. However, this did not slow down the work and seeds should soon be available for purchase in the Visitors Centre.

The fine weather gave us the opportunity to clear out the Friends shed. A large amount of clutter, accumulated over many years - possibly decades, was sorted, rubbish disposed of, and one or two tools ‘borrowed’ from Mike’s team returned – apologies Mike. Suffice to say the shed is looking neat and tidy. Let’s hope we can keep it that way!

Many of you joined with the Volunteers to plant up tulip bulbs. Once the pots were planted and labelled, with variety and name of the person responsible for planting, they were placed outside the polytunnel. They will no doubt provide a wonderful show on the Terrace and around the Visitor Centre in the Spring.

Outside we continue to work on tidying the paths and deadheading plants. There are
always more jobs around the Garden. The list currently includes the weeding and tidying of the Alpine and Woodland gardens.

We always have room for more Volunteers, particularly those who wish to work outside. If you would like to join us you will be made very welcome. We meet each Wednesday at 10am outside the Visitor Centre.

Alex Taylor.