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Since the Friends were established, they have played a very important role in supporting the garden, not least by fundraising for projects. The projects financed by the Friends have resulted in considerable improvements.

One of the first major things the Friends purchased in 1989 was an engraving machine which is still used to make labels for the plants in the collection. More recent projects funded by the Friends are illustrated in the gallery below.

Click on any image to view a larger version of the photo and a caption. Navigate by clicking on the left or right arrows.

As well as funding structural projects around the Botanic Garden, the Friends have also supported a sound project. The project will operate in the Tropical House during Summer 2018. There are two pieces of work being played.

In the morning, there is a composition of dawn recordings. In the afternoon, this changes to a composition recorded at dusk. This project has been made possible by renowned musician and sound recordist Chris Watson to whom we are very grateful.